easyCoffee partners with bio bean

In the UK we drink over 70 million cups of coffee a day, producing 500,000 tonnes of waste coffee grounds every year. bio-bean helps to tackle the UK's waste problem by turning this waste stream into high-quality, sustainable and cheap biofuels. 

Recycling waste coffee grounds displaces greenhouse gas emissions that would otherwise be released through traditional coffee grounds disposal - that is landfill or incineration. Coffee Logs are carbon neutral, and burn hotter and for longer than wood - they're great for use in chimineas this Spring, and in wood-burning stoves and open fires. 

bio-bean collects waste coffee grounds from coffee chains, instant coffee factories, transport hubs and independent coffee shops all over the UK. Their coffee recycling factory in Cambridgeshire is a world first. 

We are delighted to announce that we supply Bio Bean with our coffee waste #poweredbycoffee #zerowaste #sustainability