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“Gorgeous coffee for only £1!!! Would highly recommend.”
- Hayley Morley

“Excellent coffee at excellent price and really friendly staff.”
- Nicola Long

“A decent latte for just a £1 in the middle of Leicester Square, what's not to like? Worth flying to London from Wisconsin. Mississippi Goddam, it's a steal!!!”
- Steve Edger

“5 Stars!”
- Piter Buzov

“I was sceptical, but tastes good for the price. Well done Stelios and easyCoffee.”
- Saif Bonar

“Cheap but very exceptionally good coffee would recommend it!”
- Alan Pritchard

“Enjoyed my double espresso in your Southend shop yesterday and your pricing structure is just what is needed in the UK.”
- Bears Travel Coffee

“Great service and great taste at @easycoffeeuk Leicester Square! Big up to the very friendly staff and fast service!”
- Mike Coleman

“A quid for a coffee or £1.60 for a large one!  You can’t get better than that. Its good coffee too.”
- Mr Reck

“Good choices of hot drinks & snacks all at good prices lovely staff.”
- Marion Baker

“Great experience staff is really friendly and always provide a great service.”
- Cristian Alvarez

“5 stars!”
- Darren Bailey

“The caramel latte is amazing, and the staff is friendly. Very cheap prices for central London.”
- Marina Padurara

“Making plans for a 'Stelios Philanthropic Foundation Museum'! Thirsty work, enjoying a delicious £1 easyCoffee cappuccino easyLand!”
- Tracy Ghori Wok

“It's £1 & it's an espresso & it's London - what's not to like? See that guy smile :)” - Catherine Lopez

“Enjoying his £1 coffee X”
- David Morley

“Brilliant idea and any coffee only a £1 in Leicester Square #coffee.”
- Bryan Claridge